On a Valentine’s Day Note…

Dear everyone, 

I recently lost a huge, prolonged bet to the blogger you’re undoubtedly familiar with as the owner of the exceptionally excellent cavetocanvas (my darling, Alie).

And now, being as I’m a man of my word, it’s my loser’s duty to find Alie a date. 

If you’re a female who’s into females—no, strike that. 

If you’re an intelligent, down-to-earth, independent-minded female who’s into shockingly brilliant females with dark hair and bottomless brown eyes, send Alie a valentine at her personal blog, paintedfire

Here’s a tiny bit more about her, though this just scratches the surface of who she is: 

1. She’s bold, assertive, fiery, and at the same time has a rare sensitivity to others. 

2. She’s honest and a loyal friend, driven, challenging and likes to be challenged. 

3. You can talk to her about absolutely anything and never regret it. 

4. Conversations range from the deeply cerebral all the way up to her major music addiction and minor online shopping addiction. 

5. She detests bugs to the point of tears and screaming. 

6. She has a singing voice that can melt you. 

7. My friendship with her is one of the best things that’s happened to me in a long, long time. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Alie. I love you. 


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