Anonymous said: Posting violent imagery without context is endorsement. You weren't making a point with that picture. And the fact that the man in the picture is Hemingway doesn't make the picture "interesting" or "relevant" or "artistic".

It doesn’t have to be “interesting” or “relevant” or “artistic” and I sure as hell don’t have to be making “points” with my posts. 

Posting violent imagery without context is not an endorsement unless you’re so hopelessly mentally deficient that by looking at a picture of a slain lion you take it to mean that you have to go out and slay lions. 

I’m confident my followers are quite capable of forming their own opinions and gathering their own ideas and feeling their own feelings without me having to say,

“Now, children, it’s not nice to kill lions in Africa, even if your name is Ernest Hemingway, so when you look at this picture I’m showing you just be sure not to go out to Africa and kill lions.”

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