Lucinda Devlin - Corporal Arenas (1982-91)

Devlin’s always been one of my favorite photographers. What’s ironic about the title Corporal Arenas and what’s powerful about this series on the whole (at least to me) is that the corporal subjects are missing, as in her Omega Suites.

These are places of close observation. It isn’t hard to imagine what goes on in them. Bodies are handled, hosed down with water, probed with X-rays, operated on and subjected to autopsy. They’re places we’d rather avoid being drawn into, even through the lens of a camera, and it’s the stark emptiness of the rooms that draws us in a little too close for comfort, making them all the more corporal.

1. Colon Therapy Room,The Homestead Spa, Hot Springs, Virginia

2. Morgue, Outlook Hospital, Summit, New Jersey

3. Classroom, Simmons Mortuary Science School, Syracuse, New York

4. Gross Anatomy Lab, University of California

5. Small Animal Surgery, Veterinary School, University of Ohio

6. Scotch Bath, The Homestead Spa, Hot Springs, Virginia

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