Dear folks, 

A few months back I had the pleasure of “meeting” a blogger who ran a beautiful art/photography blog that included his own work.

It turned out he was dealing with much of the same medical troubles I was dealing with, and we decided to move our chats off Tumblr. 

We swapped stories for a bit, and in reading his emails, I sometimes had to remind myself that I wasn’t reading my own life.

I found myself more than once open-mouthed and shaking my head in amazement at how uncannily similar—almost identical—our histories are, most amazingly with regard to a particular non-medical and less-than-delightful event in our recent pasts (about which he’s much more open than I have the courage to be, and as a result of which events we were each left partially blind, he in 2008, I in 2011—I lost my peripheral vision, CJ lost an actual eye and now wears a prosthetic.)

To my dismay, he abruptly deactivated his blog after a nasty harassment spell simultaneously on Tumblr and FB. 


and he’s fighting brain cancer with everything he’s got.

Until I got to know CJ, I thought I was an optimist; I thought I was a pretty strong guy with a pretty decent heart. But his optimism and strength and heart have put me and mine to absolute shame. 

I hope you’ll check his blog out and give him a follow. He’s a talented artist and a gentleman, a generous spirit and a true inspiration to me and, no doubt, to everyone in his life. 

Welcome back, CJ. 


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