Jacob van Loon - Let Alone a Planet: Solaris (2012) - Watercolor on birch panel, after Andrei Tarkovsky’s film of the same title

Excerpt of an interview with the artist: 

"I was dealing with the assignment of dense conceptual material during the painting process. I found it easier to speculate on the latent aspects of the film; the psychological confrontations posed by the pace, sound, and color.

Layering and obliteration is a functional component of the concept in this [painting]. It’s important that some of each step in the process shows through in the final composition, but it tends not to be delineated.

[Tarkovsky’s films] center around protagonists who are fundamentally terrified of knowing themselves. The loose connection is that the characters enter a place with varying levels of indiscernible characteristics. As they attempt to define the parameters of these worlds, you begin to realize that they are attempting to define themselves. The guarded journey becomes an uncontrollable plummet into the depths of their own consciousness.”

Read the entire interview here

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