Olafur Eliasson & Ma Yansong - Feelings are Facts (2010)

"Based on a series of previous experiments by Eliasson that deal with atmospheric density.

Here, Eliasson introduces condensed banks of artificially produced fog into the gallery, shimmering with an artificial light spectrum, created using arrays of red, green and blue fluorescent lamps.

This illusion in light is not something we find in nature, however, as one walks through the space, the sights and sensations experienced become real.

Dimensions are further altered by the substantial lowering of the ceiling along with a nearly 60 meter long curving, inclined wooden floor space which Yansong created within the installation room. The sloping floor challenges visitors to readjust their balance, forcing them to constantly shift their weight and body posture to counterbalance the inclination. This emphasizes the important role of the moving body in the perception of our surroundings. The further visitors venture into the space, the steeper the floors get, reaching the point in which it becomes a wave-like curved wall. Since the ceiling imitates this construction, a seemingly boundless space is discerned above.

Within this installation, insecurity is induced on visitors initially, 
reducing visibility, suggesting the need to invent new models for perception.”

show notes
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