Anonymous said: “Life is only as amazing as you give it credit for.” This is advice? Where you see “amazing world” I see no solutions. What’s some advice for really finding solutions in order to get some enjoyment out of living? If you don’t have any you should keep your mouth shut stop telling people they are amazing if they are not finding solutions. Find solutions or stay in doors.

There aren’t any. There are no solutions and I’m not a Magic 8-ball and I’m not here to fling you wisdom pellets out of my Tumblr Pez dispenser, or to commiserate with your sour, egomaniacal perspective that the world should harmonize to your enjoyment wants and needs or else it isn’t worth it and you can’t be bothered.

There are no solutions. Is it worth it? Yes, it’s worth it. It’s worthwhile. You can ransack for solutions that aren’t there until you’re barking and biting and therefore have no effect whatsoever either on you or on anyone else, or you can be a part of the insoluble universe and work with it toward some good end.

Either way it’s difficult and painful and either way you’ll be consumed. The second way is worthwhile, and it’s the only way you can have any changing effect. You can change, for better or for worse, in whatever direction, to whatever extent, to whatever end; there’s precious little you can solve. 

There isn’t anyone who isn’t angry and frustrated at there being “no solutions”. You’re not special in your anger and frustration. Unlike you, though, some of us have the humility to work with what we have and where we are and offer however much encouragement we can to each other. 

Sell your lazy cynicism to someone else. I have a bowl of strawberry ice cream melting to my right and a panting puppy to my left and many worthwhile years behind me and many worthwhile years ahead.

Nighty night and cheers to an amazing universe. 

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