Jacob van Loon 

Above are some of my favorite in-progress shots by Mr. van Loon of his paintings which he’s posted to his blog across the past couple of years. 

Today is his birthday,

so I’ll be sharing more of my JvL favorites from among his work in all its wonderful diversity, not so much in the spirit of featuring (he’s in no need of my featuring) as in the simpler spirit of gratitude. 

For those of you who are new, follow Jacob here on Tumblr,

on instagram

view more of his portfolio at jacobvanloon.com,

and track the career of a wildly gifted young artist whose high-voltage perception and singular representation of the world around him, standing on both its immediate and historical ground, has taught me more than I can express.

It was a special pleasure setting up today’s queue. I hope you enjoy it. 

"I’m an examiner – the obnoxious one in the gallery with their nose to the work. Scrutinizing the surface and detail but trying not to steam anything up with my breath." —JvL

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