Wies Prejide - Woven Rooms (2013)

"The installation consists of various hand-woven walls, which together, affects our perspectives in space. 

A combination of lines, colors, views and passageways gives the observer the idea of walking through a transparent home. Different color combinations exist in the abstracted, patterned spaces, resulting in a flat image which gives the holographic impression of a three dimensional expansion. The screens render the existing space partitionable, articulating new spaces which provide an illusional as well as a physical subdivision of the room.

The varied vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines coalesce into rooms, windows, and other imaginary environments and passages. The woven fiber-walls also are slightly transparent, thus providing a translucent lens to the other side of the threaded divider. This will make the observer curious and invites him to start moving around in the installation and discover and experience the different color combinations and patterns which make up the space.”

show notes
Septim themes