Jordan Eagles

"Eagles is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blood Artist’, but this oversimplifies the intricate and significant nature of his experimental works and self-invented process, spanning over twelve years.

His unique pieces in bovine blood procured from slaughterhouses and acrylic resin explore themes of rebirth and the intangible connections between body, spirit and nature. The allegorical potential of his raw and precious materials form a compelling multi-sensory experience— providing a novel tale of life and death. Some pieces evoke stark minimalism while others a centrally explosive movement—all reminiscent of viewing otherworldly details from under the slide of a microscope.

The multiple layers of blood and resin used to create these pieces, some of which can be up to three inches thick, allow viewers to delve into the paintings. Each viewing allows the discovery of the nuances Jordan is able to create by manipulating his medium, from delicate cracking to concentrated fields of uniformity.” 

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