Steven Beckly - (958) I Love You(s) (2011)

Artist’s statement: 

(958) I Love You(s) is an installation that explores the layered implications behind the act of declaring one’s love to another, using my personal long-term romantic relationship as subject.

The inspiration for the work stems from being in a committed relationship for almost 3 years (more precisely, 958 days) without verbally declaring my love to my partner despite feeling the force of this expectation inherent in the progression of a romantic relationship.

An intimate moment where my partner and I exchange declarations for the first time was created and photographed. The result is a staged image containing the captioned text, ‘I love you.’ Using a photographic print, photocopies, a jigsaw puzzle, and candies, the installation investigates the meaning, validity, and power of the words, ‘I love you,’ and the evolution of their implications when those words are repeated over time.”

show notes
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