Corban Walker

"Walker is an artist known for his investigations of perceptions of scale and architectural constructs. At four feet tall, the artist’s personal relationship between self and the built environment is fundamental to the way he defines and develops his work.

Embracing concepts of both architecture and minimalism, Walker uses specific local and cultural philosophies to encourage viewers to reexamine the way they conceptualize, navigate and interact with their surroundings.

The artist’s work is marked by carefully considered shifts in proportion and balance and is also distinguished by a diversity of materials and media ranging from painting, drawing, photography, digital art and sculpture to large-scale and site-specific installations.”

1. Mapping Hugh Lane

2. Untitled (10 X 4 Miter) 

3. Zip

4. Please Adjust

5. Mapping 5

6. Runway

7. Off the Glass

8. TV Man

show notes
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