Idris Khan

"Drawing his inspiration from the history of art and music as well as key philosophical and theological texts, Idris Khan investigates memory, creativity and the layering of experience. Khan’s works rely on a continuous process of creating and erasing, or adding new layers whilst retaining traces of what has gone before."

"The process allows the artist to tease out certain areas adjusting the source material so that the soul of the piece is manifested in Khan’s accreted interpretation.

For example, in Struggling to Hear… After Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonatas, Beethoven’s entire series of sonatas becomes a dense wall of near blackness; a virtual illustration of the composer’s deafness.”

1. Rachmaninoff…Preludes

2. Toscanini’s Last

3. Voices

4. Struggling to Hear…After Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonatas

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