PIer Paolo Calzolari 

1. Untitled (Black Vertical Triptych) (2011)

2. Untitled (1985)

3. Black Salt (1984)

Do-Ho Suh - High School Uni-Form (1997)

Do-Ho Suh - High School Uni-Form (1997)

Jim Hodges - Give More Than You Take (2014)

Jim Hodges - Give More Than You Take (2014)

Louis Eisner - Mountain Stream Ringtone (2014)

Wolfgang Tillmans - Central Nervous System (2013)

Lena Henke - Core, Cut, Care (2012)

Anne de Vries - Brain to Brain Interface (2014)

DeWain Valentine - The Sensual Substance of the Sky (2014)

All the work is about the sea and the sky. I would love to have somehow a magic saw, to cut out large chunks of ocean and sky and say, Here it is. —DeWain Valentine

Paula Hayes - Nocturne of the Limax Maximus (2010)

"Inspired by the leopard slug, a hermaphroditic animal with mating rituals quite unique in the natural world. Two twine around each other to form a caduceus shape, then suspend themselves in mid-air from a long mucous string. The incandescent blue male organs of each emerge from the tops of their heads and, likewise, twine around the other’s to form a glowing orb that slowly morphs into a flowerlike form.”

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